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I'm a Stockholm-based consultant and entrepreneur with a passion for helping startups and organizations grow. I have 4+ years of experience in the tech startup scene as a founder, business strategiest and product manager. I get excited about data-driven projects and making cool technology accessible to the population, but you'll find me helping companies selling anything.

Product Management
Implementation of Tracking & Analytics
User Conversion, User Growth and User Retention
Sales Strategy & Business Development
User Experience and Design
Creativity Facilitation and Ideation Techniques

Learn more about the different projects I've worked on here. Some are projects I started myself, and some are companies I've run for years. But most of them are startups I've been fortunate enough to be able to help with implementation of different growth concepts and developed their business. This is what I enjoy doing the most.


Gender and Diversity in Organizations
Emerging Technology


If you're interested in the latest learnings I've gathered during my work, read about it here!

Why I Quit My Great Job

I recently resigned as the Product Manager of a well-known mobile paid parking provider’s B2B solution. Why? I needed things to change. I’ve never seen myself as an employee but last year I made an exception. I had just gotten out of a rocky startup and I needed some stability. Stability is nice to a […]

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Fight the big fight — but don’t forget yourself

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about what men in male-dominated companies can do to hire more women. It was a post that I had wanted to write for a while but never really known how to set the focus. Creating a change is all of our’s responsibility, and since men hold the majority […]

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”Calling all men in male-dominated companies”

Today is the day. You no longer have an excuse for not hiring women. A LinkedIn post from a CEO of a well-known investment firm actually had me almost losing it today. And now it’s time to do something. The debates about gender equality, about diversity in organizations, about inclusion in the workplace, they often become […]

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